She flies in on gossamer wings, leaving trails

 of star dust…

tucked into memories…”         

You might get a glimpse of her at dusk, flying over Central or Prospect Park. She’s on a mission, bringing magic to one lucky child at a time.


She’s been named The New York Tooth Fairy™, and she’s come to the city all the way from the faerie realm, surprising children with her magical gifts of light and imagination.


Of course she’s invisible to grownups, but not to the little ones she visits. They are delighted by her stories, songs, and the tooth fairy treasures she leaves underneath their pillow.


About Sara

My name is Sara Newman, also known as the New York Tooth Fairy. 

I grew up in the Berkshires of Western, MA., where as a child, I made friends with the flower fairies in our beautiful English garden. I believed they were real, and to this day, I still do. I studied theatre and dance at Muhlenberg College, and after graduation, came to New York to pursue an acting career. One of my favorite roles was playing Tatiana, Queen of the Faeries in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night's Dream. The part suited me perfectly, as I’m tiny, just 5 ft. I’ve also performed in the children’s musical "Gruff," with the Doppelscope Theatre Company.


Of course, as a new actor, I do the requisite restaurant work, now at Le Bernadin, formerly at Brooklyn Winery. I’ve also taught theatre to pre-school children at Center Stage Stars and at The Stage School. In between auditions, I nanny from time to time. One night, I was telling one of my charges the story of where baby teeth go when they are “lost.” She was enthralled. That’s when the idea for The New York Tooth Fairy was born. 


Things move so fast these days, including the innocence of childhood. Being The New York Tooth Fairy has given me great joy. Nothing is more satisfying than bringing a sense of wonder, magic and safety to a child’s world.


How it works: 


Most parents know when a child is about to lose a tooth. That’s the perfect time to contact me to arrange a ‘surprise’ visit, a few days before the tooth comes out. I can also come the day of, or the day after the tooth falls out--based on availability. 

After we set an ‘appointment,’ in the early evening, or after school, what many parents say is that they got a letter from the Tooth Fairy (which you can download here). Then let them know she’ll be coming for a visit sometime this week — you’re just not quite sure when. You may want to let them know that I’m invisible to grownups, or not, that’s your preference. When I arrive, in full Tooth Fairy costume, I’ll share my original story of Fairy Trees and Fireflies, and leave your child with a Tooth Fairy box and a special forever keepsake. They’ll also receive a toothbrush, and a nudge from me to always make sure they take good care of their teeth. The visit will last about 45 minutes. 


“My 7 year old was absolutely on cloud nine. Sara came in quietly, and using all of her acting and storytelling skills, engaged my child from the moment she arrived. It will be a memory for a lifetime.”

—Charlotte P., NYC


Contact Sara

Tel: 413-770-3089

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